Laser dentist in Potsdam

Laser Dentist in Potsdam

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If you are looking for a state-of-the-art dental office, then you will definitely want to become a patient of Zysik Dental. At our dental practice, our expert and highly trained laser dentist in Potsdam, Dr. Edmund Zysik, is able to provide patients with expert laser dentistry care.

Just as lasers are becoming more and more important in other areas of healthcare, such as eye surgery and dermatology, lasers are also becoming an important part of modern dentistry. At our office, we are very happy to offer laser dentistry, which offers many benefits to our patients. We use the newest proven technologies so that our patients can receive leading-edge care which is more comfortable for our patients as well. We use dental lasers to perform restorative and periodontal procedures. Lasers can be used to treat tooth decay, improve teeth whitening procedures, treat gum disease, and even help perform biopsies. Our patients thoroughly enjoy the fact that our laser dentist in Potsdam can use lasers to treat dental decay. When lasers are used in this manner, the patient benefits in many ways. Happily, the patient will not need to be stressed by the sound of the dental drill. When a laser is used to help treat dental decay, it also allows the patient to remain much more comfortable during the procedure; the procedure is also usually shorten, as well. Additionally, a dental laser is much more precise than a drill, so less tooth enamel needs to be removed in order to provide the patient with a dental filling. The dental laser can also help to harden a composite filling. When dental lasers are used for gum surgery, the treatment again is much more comfortable for the patient, as well as being more precise. There is also less bleeding and swelling of the soft tissues that accompanies periodontal treatments. The laser will also help to sterilize and disinfect gum tissue. For these reasons, lasers enable the patient to heal much faster and experience less chance of infection.

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